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I bought a lot of character slots when they went on sale a while ago! I now have two of every single class. I will not buy anymore in till I have these leveled up. I’ll post my Asura, Norn, and Human characters later!

Klarvha was my first character I made. Originally she was cream bi-color brown with stripes. Now she’s my warrior ragdoll cat.
She’s a blood legion legionnaire of the robust warband. Her warband surname is Robustheart. She’s very kindhearted but sharp tongued and vicious, and follows the legions with all her heart, loyal to the end. She’s not a huge fan of other species, though she does think Norn are pretty cool.
She’s part of the Priority because despite being Blood Legion, she is an excellent military battle planner.

Nephoretta is one of my characters that’s a splinter of me that exists in many universes. She’s more of the mask that I wear. She’s loud, loving, caring, and cheerful. But she’s more trying to hide what she feels inside. Sometimes she ends up venting a lot, and then feels bad about being a nuisance.
Normally she’s a Guardian Lion/Foo Dog or based off one. Sadly she is not a Guardian, but she is a Ranger! She was born to traveling Charr couple from Lion’s Reach who ended up dying in a landslide when she was just old enough to be sent to a fahrar. So in turn she was taken in by a large group of friendly Skritt. She learned how to dig and look for shiny trinkets with them, and also learned how to talk really fast. 
Eventually, once grown up enough, her adopted family passed her onto a group of merchants heading to Lion’s Reach, assuming maybe she had family there. The merchants ended up ditching her there, and she ended up living on the streets till a shipping company hired her, and she worked on ships for a while.
However, she is now training to be part of the Lionguard. She’s technically a Gladium who has never been in the Black Citadel. She’s based off of a Maine Coon!

Xenalyth is a traveling merchant who’s part of the Iron Legion. She invents small objects and sells them off. Her warband is the the silver warband, due to them being merchants (And silver isn’t as obvious as gold). Her surname is Brightsilver, due to her being very clever and her machines always sparkling. She’s very feminine and not like the majority of Charr. She’d rather live in Divinity’s Reach in luxury then travel around Ascalon. She’s based off a calico cat! Her favorite magic is fire and earth.

Cahlisto is a Charr Theif based off a normal tabby cat, and also based off one of my old fursonas I don’t use anymore. I’m not a huge fan of how she looks, and may eventually redo her. She’s part of the Ash Legion, and her warband is called the feather warband, due to them being light on their feet. Her surname is Featherwisp, due to moving around silently like a wisp of smoke, and leaves little to no trail.

Almyth is a Mesmer Charr based off a Cheetah, and she’s part of the Ash Legion. Her father was a Flame Legion shaman, and when she was born he was very upset (at the time) she was a female. He was even more upset when she showed such skill in magic at a young age, since had she been a male she could have made a great shaman. Almyth’s mom managed to one day escape with her daughter, and luckily wasn’t chased by assassins. Alymyth was sent to a fahrar, and her mom joined a Blood Legion warband her sister was in. Almyth’s warband is called the  warband, and her surname is Dusk

Spessarel is a Sylvari Engineer who really like oranges. Her dream was about Rata Sum and their golems. Her goal in life is to make more functional golems that aren’t as fancy as Asura golems and have no environmental hazards. Though Asura think she’s regressing, she thinks she’s progressing. Many of her golems have plants on them, or are based off of plants. Sometimes she has nightmares about losing one of her arms, and this drives her to invent fake arms. Eventually she does lose her left arm up to the elbow, and the nightmares vanish. However, she goes on to invent tons of amazing and functional fake limbs that all types of people can afford. She’s also a Soundless, but only so she can focus on her inventions. If the Pale Tree ever tries to contact her, she would welcome her, but for the time being she cuts off all the noise from fellow Sylvari.

Mimosah Pudica is a very shy and shrinking Guardian Sylvari, who dreams of singing on a stage in front of people. She has a wonderful voice, but is scared of big crowds. So she attempts to overcome this by practicing slowly. She also dreams of inspiring others, and though she doesn’t realize it, she slowly inspires others by conquering her fears. She is also very motherly and protective, helping Sylvari with fears and comforting them. 

Serpentiah is a Mesmer Sylvari in the Nightmare Court. She is very racist, sexist, and nasty overall. She’s a representation of who I am afraid I really am. She is based off voices that often tell you how horrible and wrong one is, and how they are truly a selfish person. Serpentiah is also very comfortable in her own skin, and likes showing off a lot. She makes fun of others a lot too. Overall she isn’t a very nice person, and even her dream was actually the nightmare. 

Sabylle is a very sleepy and tired Necromancer Sylvari, who loves to sleep a lot. Her dream was magical and everywhere, and had no strict boundaries or meaning. She takes the world one step at a time, looking at the beauty and wonders of it. She’s very cheerful when she’s not tired, and even then the purple around her eyes makes her looks tired all the time. Despite being a Necromancer, she’s not very fond of blood and poison. Honestly, her being a Necromancer isn’t a best class choice, but she somehow enjoys it, saying it’s a nice touch from everything always feeling like a dream or magical.



It’s not over, don’t forget


さつき盆栽花季展 / Satsuki azalea bonsai exhibition





So while Gideon was summoning Bill, he was saying something in backwards, so I reversed it in Sony Vegas and I literally laughed.

Here the reversed version. 








i thought the joke would get old and repetitive one minute in but no the entire fuckin thing is gold






logic at its finest

This is stupid though ‘cuz she’s headed for the door. He’s going further into the elevator. Even if the door isn’t open, there’s still a bit of a ledge near the door that you could stand on while bracing yourself against the railing. Once the door opens, you’d be in a good spot to exit via the door as well. What she’s going for is smarter than what he’s doing.

Also she clings to the rail, he throws his hands up. If he were to fall, he’d have nothing to hang on to, she’d at least be able to hold herself up by the rail


Cosplay this! I dare you! I double dare you, motherf****!

this is the first time in my life I have had three tests in one week and I am silently freaking out. And my macro teacher isn’t giving the study guide for the test that’s on thursday till tomorrow and my fucking god





in super smash brothers 4, the villager can cancel link’s final smash by pocketing it.


"nah buddy"

He actually is not pocketing the move! When villager checks his pockets it gives him a slight invunerable/invincibility action. So Link launched his Final Smash and essentially dodged it by checking his pocket, since he couldn’t be the target!
Either way it is really OP and should be fixed!

If you guys didn’t know / forgot, Olimar was able to cancel Marth’s final smash in Brawl using his whistle 


this is how you get boys to like you right



in super smash brothers 4, the villager can cancel link’s final smash by pocketing it.


"nah buddy"

He actually is not pocketing the move! When villager checks his pockets it gives him a slight invunerable/invincibility action. So Link launched his Final Smash and essentially dodged it by checking his pocket, since he couldn’t be the target!
Either way it is really OP and should be fixed!


This is fucking terrifying dO NOT PLAY SMASH BROS THIS IS A PSA