Friends in Toronto: if you’re looking to learn to drive, do NOT go to Karat Driving School. I booked an hour long lesson and for the entire hour, the instructor (who’s also the owner) hit on me, escalating from verbal advances to actually touching me. He also forced me to stay in the car 15 minutes over the hour and was extremely resistant to letting me out of the car, telling me to “loosen up, be friendly” and “let me drive you somewhere other than home, huh?”

I don’t know if he’s behaved this way around other people but I’m willing to bet he has. Stay safe and don’t go there.

People who can’t even admit Barack Obama is a decent guy who wants to help others, even if they don’t like his politics make me sick.

I’m so happy I get to babysit for my neighbor’s kid and she’s ordering pizza and I’m like OH MAN OH MAN THIS IS JUST WHAT I NEEDED TO CHEER ME UP. OH MAN.



here man i got the perfect book for u


with super-sturdy pages for your idiot hands


my sim was taking photobooth photos with another girl who DIED halfway through 


White people be like


Disgaea 5??

*Loses a follower*
Baby come back to me~ You can blame it all on me~


(Ines) Work in progress. 

Guys, you can clearly see by Sugilite’s face, that she is based off a Foo Dog (Lion Dog; Chinese guardian dog). I loved her design, and I decided to do a Foo-Dog-Sugilite, guarding the gems temple! Will finish it when I have the time


Garnet’s the strongest gem.  Don’t forget it.




spongebob culture is real

My old Japanese roommate said Spongebob is very popular in Japan. She even had a Japanese Spongebob that spoke cute phrases.

Misophonia is actually a word used to deacribe a very vocal Miso Soup. Many Miso Soups use it as a pun, which goes ‘Me so phonia’. Sadly this has lead to hurtful stereotypes that all Misos speak broken english and that all Misos are vocal and loud.

It is sad we live in a world where my parents can acomadate for my dog’s fear of loud beeping, like bringing him to his safe place in the basement, but refuse to do anything for my dislike of mouth noises and dry noises, because clearly I am too busy focusing on others instead of just myself and if I wasn’t it would CLEARLY fix the issue.